Download GretagMacbeth Ink Formulation Manufacturer 5

GretagMacbeth Ink Formulation Manufacturer 5

When printers need special colors, delays in getting the right ink on press can cost them precious time, customer satisfaction, even missed deadlines. GretagMacbeth Ink Formulation software features an intuitive user interface, network database and Internet communication so that ink suppliers and printers can efficiently share color data and speed the formulation process.

Total solution for your ink formulation needs

·New math engine provides better prediction of ink interactivity with substrates - result: much fewer databases need to be built!
·IFS 5 rapidly computes the optimal recipe based on the printing process, ink, illumination, pigment pricing, number of components and materials to be used.
·Advanced matching algorithms improve results, especially in highly opaque applications or when formulating on different substrates including NEW metallic foils and transparent films!
·NEW Batch Processing provides higher automation, lowering the cost for recipe database maintenance
·Final color correction is quick and easy, reducing press down time. If necessary, final color correction can even be done on press.
·Leftover ink can be reworked into new formulations, helping to reduce inventory and waste, lower disposal costs and provide a rapid return on your Ink Formulation investment.
·Workflow oriented user interface ensures fast, reproducible and constant color formulation.
·User interface can be customized for your application, using terms that are specific to your particular printing process, helping to reduce the learning curve.
·Utilizes CxF (Color Exchange Format) for seamless digital color communication from design to production to printing.

GretagMacbeth Ink Formulation Manufacturer 5

A modular approach that fits your business and your budget

·Ink Formulation 5 Manufacturer – Designed for the Ink Manufacturer, that allows you to formulate custom inks, store, build and maintain a complete colorant database featuring all the inks you use. ColorQuality Sofware 5 Pro* (CQS 5 Pro) to guarantee precise measurement, continuous control, and consistent documentation.
·Ink Formulation 5 Printer Pro – Formulate custom inks without creating and maintaining a colorant database. You can import and work with colorant databases supplied by preferred ink manufacturers. Includes ColorQuality Sofware 5 Pro* (CQS 5 Pro) to guarantee precise measurement, continuous control, and consistent documentation.
·Ink Formulation 5 Printer Basic – A cost-effective system designed for small to medium sized printers, that allows you to easily and quickly formulate custom inks, working with a database supplied by your preferred ink manufacturer.
·Ink Formulation 5 Online - New web-client solution: Enables ink manufacturers and ink suppliers which are producing at different physical locations to centralize there data and give access to their customers, easily updatable database of ink formulation data via the Internet. In addition it ensures the use of the latest colorant databases, recipes and target colors.
·Ink manufacturers can offer to their customers (printers) access via internet to high quality ink formulation databases, allowing printers to use databases developed by experts, which they can rely on for mixing and matching inks. Includes ColorQuality Sofware 5 Online*(CQS 5 Online) a new web-client solution based on CQS 5 Pro that guarantees access to a centralized, easily updatable database of CQS via internet.

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