Download ESKO FlexRip 2014 enterprise

ESKO FlexRip 2014 enterprise

FlexRip is a multi-purpose RIP and quality control tool offering a variety of output formats and driving a wide range of filmsetters, platesetters, proofers and digital presses. FlexRip is device and workflow independent and features ground-breaking screening technologies for a wide range of printing processes.
FlexRip is JDF enabled: it can output a JDF file with ink key settings for a variety of offset presses. It also features ScreenManager, a tool that lets users create custom screening blending various screening technologies across the tonal range, with full control of parameters and transition points.

Features & Benefits

    Central RIP for any workflow
    Revolutionary RIP architecture
    Adobe® certified PS/PDF input channel
    Softproofing application to check LPI/angle, dot gain, separations before output
    Screened proofing through Microscopic Color Conversion (patent pending)
    Load balancing tools to customise performance in a multi-device environment
    Ticketed workflow to reduce operator error
    1 box solution for film/plate/proof
    State of the art dot gain control tools for proofers and presses
    Offers cutting edge screening technology for all printing processes
    Kaleidoscope Color Management for absolute color accuracy. Excels in special colors (PANTONE and house/designer colors)
    Simultaneous output to multiple devices

Supported input formats

    PS (Adobe certified) composite and pre-separated
    PDF 1.6
    DCS 2
    ESKO native format (from applications such as PackEdge, Plato, FastImpose)
    Bitmap LEN, TIFF and EPS (for dot proofing)

Supported output formats

    DCS2 (unscreened and screened Ð single and multiple file)
    Bitmap TIFF (LZW, CCITT3, CCITT4, Packbits, FLATE)
    PDF 1.6
    8-bit TIFF
    Bitmap LEN
    Bitmap RLD
    Bitmap LP
    HP RTL
    HP Indigo JLYT

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