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OPEN MIND - hyperMILL 2014

The latest version of hyperMILL® demonstrates this once again: with basic functions that are even more powerful. With NC programming that has become much easier and safer. With extended feature technology that automates programming tasks more efficiently. hyperMILL® 2014 means technology leadership with real added value!

Until now, for setup preparation only the NC programs were available to machine operators. With the new hyperMILL® ShopViewer, the visualization solution for the workshop, the hyperCAD®-S and hyperMILL® data can be visualised directly next to the machine. Now every manufacturing operation can be checked in detail on the monitor even before the setup begins.

OPEN MIND - hyperMILL 2014

The clearly structured world of CAM programming has a far better connection to the workshop with the hyperMILL® ShopViewer. In this way, the machine operators with their vast knowledge about production practices can independently view and simulate CAM/CAD processes. This allows a far better understanding of the actual manufacturing process than before.

The following new types of tools can be used in hyperMILL®:

    Lens cutter
    Measuring probe (only applies for the cycle 3D point measuring).
    Barrel cutters in diverse design forms:
    General barrel cutter, Tapered barrel cutter, Tangential barrel cutter

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