Download Hollywood Mogul 3.8 FULL

Hollywood Mogul 3.8 FULL

n the 20th Anniversary Issue of Computer Gaming World magazine the original version of Hollywood Mogul was listed among the three greatest strategy games of all time.

Hollywood Mogul 3 takes the original game deeper into the business of movie-making. Go Inside The Dream Factory and Run Your Own Hollywood Movie Studio.

There are countless management simulations out there that let you assume the role of anything from football coach to railroad tycoon. However, this is the first game I've come across that allows you to take command of a Hollywood film studio. I never realised there was so much involved in building a film empire until I played this game, where you must take charge of the budgeting, casting, approaches from writers, hiring and firing of directors and producers, and lots more.

With so many options presented within a very text-intensive interface it's a little difficult to get into the game at first and all the stats, facts and figures can be overwhelming. With persistance though Hollywood Mogul can be amusing as you choose the types of films you want to make, discover new acting and directing talent and even take care of your own life by buying property and maintaing a love life. Ultimately though, the game gets a little repetitive and the fact that the actors and directors included in the game are made-up makes it difficult to develop any kind of long-term attachment. Not a turkey, but by no means a blockbuster.

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