Download Altium Designer 14.4 FULL

Altium Designer 14.4 FULL

Altium Designer combines Schematic, ECAD Libraries, Rules & Constraints, BoM, Supply Chain Management, ECO Processes and World-Class PCB Design tools in one easy to use, Native 3D enhanced, Unified Environment, increasing your entire team’s productivity, efficiency and reducing your overall costs and time to market.

Altium Designer 14

   Support for Flex and Rigid-Flex Design
   Enhanced Layer Stack Management
   Board Design Enhancements
   True Variant Support

Altium Designer 14.4 FULL

We’re serious about PCB design, and the tools we provide can help you achieve your electronics design goals. Our system includes schematic capture, 3D PCB layout, analysis, and programmable design, in a single, unified system.

Our Rigid-flex circuit board design increases your potential for versatility and innovation by taking important circuit components mounted on a rigid board and connecting them using flexible circuits that can bend or fold to fit any space.

And with our layer stack management capabilities, you can define multiple stacks within a single rigid-flex PCB, assigning different layers to different sections. This technique can accommodate not only the rigid-flex design but also embedded components within the circuit.

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