Download Otomax 8 port Recharge Software

Otomax 8 port Recharge Software

    Otomax Has proven working on India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philiphine, Bangladesh and Singapore.
OtomaX, short for Original Topup Machine, is a completely automatic reload software built with the mission to be the fastest and most accurate.

Speed, accuracy, and high stability, and easy to use, making OtomaX been widely used in Indonesia and Malaysia. OtomaX also been used in several other Asian countries, such as India and Bangladesh.

Otomax 8 port Recharge Software

CenterModul SMS is used to receive SMS from members and provide instructions charging pulse, check balances and more lain.Fitur:
Ignoring expired SMS (longer than the time specified)
Automatic disconnect incoming calls
SenderModul SMS is used to send SMS to the members, with the status of transactions, balances and other information lain.Fitur:
Filter numbers early goal. Typically used if you want to send to certain numbers only.
1 phone / modem can be used for multiple SMS Sender modules. Usually this is done if you want to apply a different SMS charges for each operator.
CenterModul IM is used to receive and send messages YM (Yahoo! Messenger) or GTalk / XMPP / Jabber from / to the members. Fungi module is similar to the SMS Center / Sender.Fitur:
Auto reconnect. Auto login again if the connection is lost
Auto Add Request. Automatically approve any additional requests (Add Request) of the members
Anti Spam / Bot
DialModul is used for charging the pulse-based USSD as M-Kiosk Telkomsel and XL Wallet Balance, Voice Call or Dial-based like FKios.
SIM Tool Kit (STK) module is used to reload the STK based modem like the M-Tronik or Axis.Fitur:
Parsing very simple.

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