Download Live2d Cubism Editor Pro + crack

Live2d Cubism Editor Pro

Cubism Editor (Modeler + Animator)
Cubism Editor has been the gold standard in 2D modeling and animation for game and app development. Turn your static 2D directly into an interactive model for real-time configuration and timelines-based animation.

Live2D model can be animated through a process of mapping 2D polygons and inputing motion parameters, and the output animation can be projected with any desired perspectives, be it a realistic 3D perspective or a manga-like impression-driven perspective to fit your styles and applications. To cover the wide spectrum of styles and applications, Live2D has been rapidly evolving. Current compatible platforms includes iOS, Android, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and Unity (currently Beta). Live2D LIVE, a real-time control system is underway.

Live2d Cubism Editor Pro + crack

2D Polygon Mapping
Live2D model is composed of texture assets. Each texture asset is mapped with editable 2D polygons specific to its shape. Manual mapping and manipulation of 2D polygons can be extremely tedious and time-consuming, but Modeler is equipped with powerful efficiency tools including Magnetic Mapping and Dust Removal which substantially speed up the mapping task.

Workflow of the Modern Digital Era
Animator takes advantage of digital production. To list a few, motion tracks can be archived to build a library, which you can use and apply to models as you see fit. Despite dealing with 2D objects, Animator can change its camera view as if you are dealing with 3D models. You can also load multiple models in a same stage, allowing parallel and concurrent editing for easy scene-management with sophisticated stage effects.

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