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JMDM 7D Interactive Cinema

Are you still worrying about the traditional cinema 4D, 5D without new conception,  face homogeneity competition, have a headache because of business is in the trouble? You are melancholy for other cinema have 7D interactive entertainment theater rob your business?
Shenzhen Jingmin Digital Machine Co., Ltd  wish you easily realize 4D upgrade to 7D cinema, only investment about USD$8,300, can be brand new smooth upgrade 7D now, let your business hot upgrade again! Latest 7D interactive entertainment movie, it is verified by several manufacturers and terminal cinema owners, "siphon off cash", "attract customer" super ability, let you take forever to do market tide, we can do: a man without and I have, people have but my excellent, truly achieve long-term and stable earnings and booming business! 

Shenzhen Jingmin Digital Machinery Co., Ltd. adhering to the concept of continuous innovation, for the many customers to bring more and new products, 7D interactive play entertainment theater, 8D interactive game& film all in one, etc. become a source of technology and produddts reserach and developement business of 5D/7D/8D cinema industry at home and abroad suppliers!

7D cinema can play 7D interactive movies, also you can play 3D/ 4D/ 5D traditional three-dimensional movies, chose the 7D, is to choose the "4 stores in 1", the 3D/ 4D/5D/7D movie business opportunity advantage, greatly attract the passenger flow, "siphon off cash" super ability.

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