Download Ecosystem for maya 1.2

Ecosystem for maya 1.2

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What' major feature

1. All the fuctional ecosystem in the vue can be realized in maya.
2. Each instnaces(tree,grass,stone,arnold(standIn)...)is native in maya , support any renderers that can used in maya like sw\arnold\vray\mr  etc . every thing is  controlled, separately.
3. based maya particle instance, arnold items  can support animation throw by  standIn DSO instance.
4. evaluate over 200000 plants rapidly even to millions of instances depend on your view card.
5. multiple ditail distribution and scaling function represents real scenses superly. 
6. support populate 360 degree around,  like vue 11 and up version.

Ecosystem for maya 1.2

Installing ecosystem for maya

1. Unzip the file

2. Copy icons and scripts folder to your maya path

3. Copy **.mll to your maya plugin folder
example(C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2012\bin\plug-ins)

4. mac ID can geted from getMacID_tool_real.exe(do not use ipconfig/all if your PC has multy- mac IDs), or you can see the feed back message in script edit window.

5. get   license : leave your mac ID(send message,and sign "purchase version") , we will send you SN in 1~2 working days

6. Creat folder "highking" with SN.HK(license file) on drive C root, the final path is C:/Highking/SN.HK
7 may be should  install vc2010 and vc2012 redistributable and NET.frameWorks 4.0 and 4.5

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