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DTG Software ,RIP software for Epson R230,1390,1900,1800,4880,2100

DTG Digital has been an industry leader in direct to garment inkjet technologies for over a decade. Whether you are a new start company, a large volume promotional or fashion production house, or you are considering to compliment your existing business, at DTG digital we can provide tailored solutions that match your requirements. As an industry leader, our commitment to research and development continues to advance the digital garment printing industry and set new industry standards, therefore providing a better experience for our global customer community.

It is a powerful operation system can support four languages like: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English. This  software have been famous as its multi-function including output white ink, color calibration, and adjusting the printing size, position, color ink density , accurately remote color calibration etc.

Anyone can be successful in their DTG printing venture and we would like to share some of our own experiences and those of our customers with you in order for you to do further independent research into the validity of DTG garment printing.  Off course the examples listed here are but few and there many more ways that you can generate a healthy income and build a strong business. We hope this  information will assist you accordingly and as always, please feel free to discuss any aspect of your business venture with your local DTG dealer.

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